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eZ Platform Bundles

eZ Platform is a Content Management System built on a heritage of 15 years of experience and the contemporary Symfony Full Stack PHP framework. This site is a stop-gap solution to list a number of Symfony Bundles that add functionalities to eZ Platform.

This is just a big list of things to make sure we have things in the Search Engine indexes. For up-to-date information search Packagist for eZ. If you want to add your bundle or fix mistakes, do a pull request to ez-bundles.github.io.

Updated October 17th 2016.

eZ Platform GraphQL Bundle

This Symfony bundle adds a GraphQL server to eZ Platform, the Open Source CMS. It relies on overblog/graphql-bundle.


eZ AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) Bundle

This is an extension to the eZ Platform CMS that provides Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Support.


Novactive eZ Responsive Images

Novactive eZ Responsive Images is a lightweight eZ Publish 5.x|6.x bundle for Responsive Images management.


EzMatrix FieldType for eZ Publish Platform

A field type for Matrix field type for eZ.


eZ Forms Bundle

Integration of Symfony's Form component with eZ Publish 5 Public API


eZ Image Crop

This is a tool that improves cutting images in eZ Publish


eZ Language Switcher

This is a simple language selector easy to implement in any eZ Publish project


eZ Content Type Manager

This is a tool that allows maanejar classes eZ Publish from the console


eZ Publish legacy utility bundle

EzPublishLegacyUtilityBundle is an extension for eZ Publish 5+ providing extra legacy functionalities


eZ Publish migrations bundle

Migrations for eZ Publish/eZ Platform


eZ Comments Bundle

Commenting system for eZ Publish


Social login for eZ Platform

The eZ Social Login Bundle adds support for authenticating users via OAuth1.0a or OAuth2 in eZ Platform. It just uses HwiOauthBundle, so you can refer to this documentation bundle to know how it internally works.


eZ Platform Location

Holds information about eZ Platform users and content objects.


Channel eZ Platform

Connects to eZ Platform's REST API.


eZ Tags bundle

Netgen Tags Bundle is an eZ Platform / eZ Publish bundle for taxonomy management and easier classification of content, providing more functionality for tagging content than ezkeyword field type included in eZ Publish kernel.


Privacy Cookie Bundle

Privacy cookie banner integration bundle into regular Symfony 2.x application (supports eZ Publish/eZ Platform)


Operation eZ Platform

Schedule content managed inside eZ Platform as part of a CampaignChain campaign.


Activity eZ Platform

Schedule content managed inside eZ Platform as part of a CampaignChain campaign.


Open Graph Bundle

Netgen Open Graph Bundle is an eZ Publish / eZ Platform bundle that allows simple integration with Open Graph protocol.


One Page Theme

One Page Theme for eZ Publish 5 and eZ Platform


OpenMagazine bundle for eZ Publish

OpenMagazine bundle for eZ Publish


Enhanced Selection Bundle

Netgen Enhanced Selection bundle for eZ Publish


eZ Platform Search

eZ Platform Search is an eZ Publish legacy extension that integrates eZ Platform search capabilities into eZ Publish legacy


AddThis Bundle

eZ Add This Bundle for eZ Publish Platform, integration with addthis.com


YooChoose recommender

Integration of the YooChoose recommender engine into eZ Publish Platform


eZ Star Rating

eZ Star Rating Bundle for eZ Publish Platform, based on legacy database model


eZ Embed (YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo)

Collection of custom tags for eZ Publish, to embed external content like from YouTube, DailyMotion or Vimeo


eZ SEO Bundle

Novactive eZ SEO Bundle is an eZ Publish 5 bundle for SEO simplications. metas, sitemaps, robots.txt, etc.


List Content Type

Netgen Content Type List bundle for eZ Publish and eZ Platform


eZ Wordpress API Bundle

This eZ Publish 5 / Symfony 2 bundle implements convenient bridges from the various Wordpress XML-RPC APIs (blogger, MovableType, MetaWeblog) to eZ Publish 5.


Product Category Bundle

Products category FieldType for eZ Publish Platform


eZ Publish & Sylius integration bundle

This repo contains integration point of eZ Publish 5 with Sylius E-Commerce, which is a continuation of the eZ Publish Sylius integration.


Meta tags

Intense Programming Meta Tags Bundle is an eZ Publish 5 bundle getting meta-tags to be configurable via content in eZ Publish.


eZ setup bundle

MagLoft EzMagic Setup Bundle for eZ Publish Platform


Bonus: Some tips to work with the eZ Platform PHP API